Classes and Workshops in July and August

Classes every week !

Beāta and Floriane will teach classes every week in July and August in Luxembourg.

Check the schedule on the studio's websites :

3 Workshops in August

Iyengar Yoga : Stability of the hips - With Beāta Gerbredere

August 13 (Tues) 18h45-20h45


@Yoga La Source - Strassen

Explore the balance between strength and flexibility of the hips moving through the standing and reclined poses. Correct positioning of the thighs and hips improves the posture and breathing, helps to relieve and prevent lower back and knee stiffness. Profound work with the pelvic girdle releases the emotional tensions adding more peace and joy to one's well-being.

Summer School - Three After-Work Sessions - With Floriane Palmier

(second edition) August 19, 20 & 21 (Mon, Tues, Wed) 18h30-21h00 €45 for 1 Day or €115 for all 3 Days @Yogaloft - Kirchberg

Let's take advantage of the summer to practice together! In each 2.5 hour session we will cover YOGA PHILOSOPHY & YOGA ASANA. This intensive course will interest practitioners of all levels. Yoga is not a physical culture, it’s a way of life. In our modern lives, we are always focus on "doing" actions and getting results. Yoga is about creating connections within yourself, understanding how your body-mind set works, processing the thoughts in our minds (reactions, emotions, stresses, etc.) and knowing our soul.

Yoga teaches us how as human beings we can evolve.

Iyengar Yoga : Mobility of the shoulders - With Beāta Gerbredere

Augts 21 (Wed) 18h45-20h45


@Yoga La Source -Strassen

A healthy range of movement in the shoulder joint allows to enjoy the daily activities without a tense neck or shortness of breath. Standing poses, twists and rib cage openers show how the coordinated work of the chest and upper back muscles affect the mobility of the shoulder.