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About Floriane

Floriane Palmier - Level 3 Iyengar yoga Teacher located in Luxembourg
Floriane Palmier
Certified Iyengar® yoga teacher
Level 3 (JI3)

My first contact with yoga came through a book I bought in the 90’s when I was studying at university. However, what was missing in that equation was a teacher. 

I finally ‘found’ yoga in 2004 when I was working in Paris in the financial field as a wealth manager. I wanted to try yoga to cope with the high stress level of my job.

I tried several yoga classes without feeling any special connection but then I took my first Iyengar yoga class.

I still remember the emotion of that moment. I was hooked.


I soon started to feel the transformative effects through regular practice and loved this impression of becoming me.

I’m grateful to my first teachers (especially Shoza and Philippe) who encouraged me to develop a self-practice because whatever happens it’s always with me and I never feel lost.


I love this style of yoga because it is so complete that it can answer all our needs. 


As a teacher, I have only one goal: to help the student develop self-awareness and empowerment.


I know yoga is a transformative practice because I went through it; I continue to practice and evolve. I can testify that yoga is accessible to everyone because I had no particular predisposition and can really understand what beginning students are facing.

I am a dedicated yoga sadhaka and have more than 1000 hours of training, I’m a certified Level 3 (Junior Intermediate 3) Iyengar®️ yoga teacher and love sharing. I continue to work towards higher qualifications, travelling every year to study at the RIMYI in Pune in India for a month each time.


I'm an active member of the Iyengar community in Belgium (BIYAB) as a member of the Certification Committee.

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