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yoga props : wooden blocks and blankets


for a safe and enjoyable yoga practice

Welcome to Iyengar Yoga Luxembourg.

To ensure you have the best possible experience, we would like to share some simple guidelines to prepare the body and mind to work in an optimal way. These will help you to achieve a gradual and natural transition between the state of concentration created during the yoga session and the "normal life", thereby prolonging the benefits of the session.

  • Book your class on Mindbody.

  • Please arrive on time, a maximum 10 minutes before the class. Go up the stairs as quietly as possible since there might be a relaxation practice in progress. If you are late for the class, please enter the room quietly. If you hear chanting, wait until it has ended, before entering.

  • Take your shoes off at the door; we have the special drawers for them on the entrance wall.

  • Wear clothes which are comfortable and easy to move in.

  • Bring your own yoga mat. We have the rest of the props in the studio.

  • It’s ideal to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Try not to eat for at least 2 hours before the class.

  • It is best not to drink during class or just before because it can cause stomach discomfort. it is better to come hydrated and drink afterwards.

  • Yoga should not be practiced for at least 48 hours after an osteopathic session or any spinal manipulation.

  • We are here for you, let us know of any injuries or health conditions (high blood pressure, anesthesia, emotional shock, migraine etc.) that might affect your practice. 

  • This also applies if you're pregnant, have your period or any gynecological issues since some asanas should be avoided or adapted.

  • Before the class, turn your cell phone OFF, not on vibration mode. If you forget and your phone rings, quietly and quickly turn it off without taking the call. 

  • Please avoid wearing perfume. If you are a smoker, please do not smoke just before or outside the classroom.

  • Keep the space that you use neat: Keep your things together in the area near your mat and do your part to maintain the cleanliness of the studio.

  • If you need to leave early, let us know before the class and leave before the final relaxation starts.

Need help or want to learn more before joining one of our classes?

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